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surf ace : Someasshole named "saegar loreta" on here is taking your videos and posting them as their own.
Sofia H : what kind of people have the heart to vandalise a place as beautiful as that??? it's so sad :(
Celaine Gruver : 2 Guys have a video of this house but you did such an outstanding job in comparison. The other guy took pics while his friend walked through with video footage so fast with his camera jerking and he missed so much. You looked at some of the same things they did but you explained so much more of what you saw and it was so much clearer to me. You looked at other areas they failed to and noticed things they didnt. I love how you narrate and talk about what you see and your thoughts about it. I like how you were respectful of the property too. I look forward to more of your videos.
windyboy78 : Hi Tixi -i just love your videos, and the respect you show when you enter these houses. In NewZealand we do not have anywhere near the history you do in Canada and the US -its so amazing to see these places and think of the people who lived in them. In my country finding somthing from the 50's is a 'wow' moment. The amazing things that are left behind are so interesting, and the background story must keep you investigating even after filming. Take care in those houses, and one question i have is, have you ever encountered a spirit or even a person squating in any abandend house? Cheers!
Nerdiers : If I had the money I would fix up all the places you've been to. Well......not ALL of them cause then I would be BROKE but you get the idea. Haha
KingSpook : This made me sad. 
stateofdisorder1977 : This is a BEAUTIFUL home, but it makes me sad. Regardless of whether the county or the family gets the property, her family should have cared enough to sort her things and not just abandon it. Very sad.
hallmark : so sad!! this house was beautiful. loved the apple trees, the glass wraparound, etc. such a cute little cat house :3 RIP to that kitty