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penniesfromheavon : TikiTrex did u notice that book in the round room you read the name"final exit" that is a guide to assisted suicide from Switzerland where assisted suicide is legal. there are a few states in the U.S. where it is legal as well however the lady in the photos looks like a lady from the documentary Final Exit! I have watched this explore several times on your channel and the three other youtubers who explored this home as well but just now noticed it!
Sofia H : what kind of people have the heart to vandalise a place as beautiful as that??? it's so sad :(
windyboy78 : Hi Tixi -i just love your videos, and the respect you show when you enter these houses. In NewZealand we do not have anywhere near the history you do in Canada and the US -its so amazing to see these places and think of the people who lived in them. In my country finding somthing from the 50's is a 'wow' moment. The amazing things that are left behind are so interesting, and the background story must keep you investigating even after filming. Take care in those houses, and one question i have is, have you ever encountered a spirit or even a person squating in any abandend house? Cheers!
KingSpook : This made me sad. 
Vincent Barber : Love Your Video's Tiki , was hoping you would do an update on this beautiful home and let us know the condition of it is now ,,PLEASE
NecroBourgeois : Such a beautiful house, and unique design with the round room. I would love that house. I'm a cat-lover too xD I can just imagine her sitting that living room at night, all cosy, watching some movies with the cats around her and purring on her lap.
Brent Audi : Great video...but so sad. This was a persons life. I would love to have gone through her pictures that were left behind to find out something about her. This happens. Someone dies and no one cares..... I live in a wonderful subdivision that when I moved into 10 years ago the owners were mostly elder. Doctors, Airline Pilots, etc. Beautiful homes. Their children have moved on years ago across the US. Their parents die and they don't care. They get the bulk of the money and any life insurance. They could care less about the house and the contents. I am watching these homes that were well taken cared of for years fall apart. And believe me that an unloved home falls apart very fast. It is really sad to watch. We are only here for a short time....everything after we are gone does not matter to most, if any. B
Michael Gray : I used to explore abandoned houses when I was younger. They can be fascinating and a bit spooky.