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Kurt Kresge : If I was the one filming this video I would of gone down to the local town hall and found out more about if this property was owned bye someone or up for purchase? Not sure how Canada does it but here in the States Ct. For what I'm talking you could purchase it from a bank if there were no owner's. Probably half to pay the back fee property taxes etc. Find out, or better said find out for me... I love Canada...
Sofia H : what kind of people have the heart to vandalise a place as beautiful as that??? it's so sad :(
Vincent Barber : Love Your Video's Tiki , was hoping you would do an update on this beautiful home and let us know the condition of it is now ,,PLEASE
NecroBourgeois : Such a beautiful house, and unique design with the round room. I would love that house. I'm a cat-lover too xD I can just imagine her sitting that living room at night, all cosy, watching some movies with the cats around her and purring on her lap.
Brent Audi : Great video...but so sad. This was a persons life. I would love to have gone through her pictures that were left behind to find out something about her. This happens. Someone dies and no one cares..... I live in a wonderful subdivision that when I moved into 10 years ago the owners were mostly elder. Doctors, Airline Pilots, etc. Beautiful homes. Their children have moved on years ago across the US. Their parents die and they don't care. They get the bulk of the money and any life insurance. They could care less about the house and the contents. I am watching these homes that were well taken cared of for years fall apart. And believe me that an unloved home falls apart very fast. It is really sad to watch. We are only here for a short time....everything after we are gone does not matter to most, if any. B
Ashley Mendoza Castro : I had my family watch this vid and they were so interested in it. This one I got to say was one of my favorites. As we watched it my mom was saying she could not believe you went into the basement ALONE! lol She was scarred for you. Now that I had introduced them to your vids my Mom said that she will be looking forward to seeing more. <3
Captain Southbird : 7:07 "Throw stones", supposing that references the old phrase "People who live in glass houses..." A philosophical vandal, eh?
Deb Morgan Meyers : The first time I saw this vid was about two months ago and it haunted me day and night for weeks. I made me emotionally ill but it also prompted me to put something concrete in place about my own two cats. I am currently working on legal documentation for a guardian and will be taking out a life insurance policy to provide continued care for my two young cats who could very well out live me.