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Urban Exploration: Abandoned Cat Lover's House

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Urban Exploration: Abandoned Cat Lover's House

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An elderly lady named Fern McCullough owned this house before she passed away. According to the Ancestry website, Fern died at the age of 90-years-old in 1999. She married her husband, Simon Ernest McCullough, in 1934 in Quebec, Canada before eventually relocating to this beautiful home near Toronto, Ontario. I couldn't find any information on him, but the estate was in her name before she passed away so I am assuming she was predeceased by him. There were some hanging calendars dated from August 2000 as well as a couple of phone books dated from 2002-2003. These later dates along and the cat cremation certificate dated 2002 suggests someone had stayed there for a few years after her passing, possibly family members. A note on the fridge along with a card I found suggests a father and daughter who were supposed to be taking care of the cats. I found information on the County's website from 2012 stating that they are under negotiations with this estate, There are two wills in place. One is to the county and one to the family. This is in dispute. The county is taking care of it for now until it gets settled. At this point, going by these dates, I'm thinking it has been abandoned for around 10 years.

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Sofia H : what kind of people have the heart to vandalise a place as beautiful as that??? it's so sad :(
Deb Morgan Meyers : The first time I saw this vid was about two months ago and it haunted me day and night for weeks. I made me emotionally ill but it also prompted me to put something concrete in place about my own two cats. I am currently working on legal documentation for a guardian and will be taking out a life insurance policy to provide continued care for my two young cats who could very well out live me.
Ashley Mendoza Castro : I had my family watch this vid and they were so interested in it. This one I got to say was one of my favorites. As we watched it my mom was saying she could not believe you went into the basement ALONE! lol She was scarred for you. Now that I had introduced them to your vids my Mom said that she will be looking forward to seeing more. <3
Degzi coe : Canadian vandals seem to be extremely polite in their destruction and i can't believe how much stuff of potential value is left behind... if this house was in England it would've been looted and burnt to the ground in 24 hours lol
Anna OConner : That happens alot...people die and then their families don't want the pets, so they leave them to die in the house, or if they have alot of pets, some get left behind on accident. So sad. 
Bonnie Miller : oh my gosh....just makes me want to be there....and clean the whole place for her........I know she passed....but the house should be taken care of....cause it was hers.......ahhhhhh
angelinthedark5 : That's a shame how that house was left. The house is beautiful. The different fireplaces are lovely, the tiles on the fireplaces are gorgeous. It looks to me that the poor lady had medical problems and either passed away or had to live somewhere else and her family just took what they wanted and left everything else of hers to rot. They should of taken the pictures of her and the other personal pictures that were hers, I'm sure the pictures meant something to her. What these people whoever they were was very disrespectful to this lady and her things and property. I wish I had the money, I would buy that house and bring it back to life and make it a lovely warm home that it once was. Ty for being respectful going through her home.
Kurt Kresge : If I was the one filming this video I would of gone down to the local town hall and found out more about if this property was owned bye someone or up for purchase? Not sure how Canada does it but here in the States Ct. For what I'm talking you could purchase it from a bank if there were no owner's. Probably half to pay the back fee property taxes etc. Find out, or better said find out for me... I love Canada...