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Urban Exploration: Abandoned Cat Lover's House

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Urban Exploration: Abandoned Cat Lover's House

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An elderly lady named Fern McCullough owned this house before she passed away. According to the Ancestry website, Fern died at the age of 90-years-old in 1999. She married her husband, Simon Ernest McCullough, in 1934 in Quebec, Canada before eventually relocating to this beautiful home near Toronto, Ontario. I couldn't find any information on him, but the estate was in her name before she passed away so I am assuming she was predeceased by him. There were some hanging calendars dated from August 2000 as well as a couple of phone books dated from 2002-2003. These later dates along and the cat cremation certificate dated 2002 suggests someone had stayed there for a few years after her passing, possibly family members. A note on the fridge along with a card I found suggests a father and daughter who were supposed to be taking care of the cats. I found information on the County's website from 2012 stating that they are under negotiations with this estate, so they must have been willed to take care of it or it's in negotiations or litigations for the region to take it over. At this point, going by these dates, I'm thinking it has been abandoned for around 10 years.

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Degzi coe : Canadian vandals seem to be extremely polite in their destruction and i can't believe how much stuff of potential value is left behind... if this house was in England it would've been looted and burnt to the ground in 24 hours lol
ByGraceIGo : I watched the whole 30 minutes. I too like urban exploring. That was a very interesting place, my guess is that maybe she loved her cats so much she wanted them to be able to look outside and have plenty of space to walk without being outside especially since she was elderly and wasn't in the position to be chasing animals around. It seemed eccentric the design of the wall paper and how the ceilings were papered and that round room...the couch looked vintage and in nice condition. You were brave to go in that basement...Oooo I don't like basements! Thanks for sharing!
Laurieb2851 : LOL, the cop didn't say you couldn't go in, but the sign on the house said, "DO NOT ENTER". That said, it is pretty apparent that this woman died. She obviously loved her cats and her family/friends really let her down big time. After the dead cat, I can't watch this anymore.
Bonnie Miller : oh my gosh....just makes me want to be there....and clean the whole place for her........I know she passed....but the house should be taken care of....cause it was hers.......ahhhhhh
Aerin Lena : +TikiTrex This is (for me) the saddest video about an abandoned house I saw so far! Just thinking how and why it came that the guy and his daughter that looked after the house and the cats when the old Lady passed away have left the house? Forced by the old Lady's relatives? Had to leave because he got a job in a other City. And why did they leave that cat behind? Well I know cats very well and when they feel something "fishy" is going on they will hide in a place and it is hard to catch them. I hope the cat runn off outdoors and used the house as her save home till she died.Would be aweful if she was locked inside the house and slowly starved to death. One of my rescued cats has been left behind deliberately in a locked house because the tennants didnt bother anymore when they moved out! The trouble was that the Landlord has been in holidays for more than two weeks before he came back and found a totally trashed and vandalised house(by the tennants) with a starving cat ! That poor soul found some water in the toilets and the basement but no food!She was so slim and poor noone tought at first she will survive. But...as usual for your videos,brilliant!! I really love the way you are going through those houses and explain what you see ! But I have to admit that I could'nt go on my own in a empty house including the basement 😲 please be always careful. 
angelinthedark5 : That's a shame how that house was left. The house is beautiful. The different fireplaces are lovely, the tiles on the fireplaces are gorgeous. It looks to me that the poor lady had medical problems and either passed away or had to live somewhere else and her family just took what they wanted and left everything else of hers to rot. They should of taken the pictures of her and the other personal pictures that were hers, I'm sure the pictures meant something to her. What these people whoever they were was very disrespectful to this lady and her things and property. I wish I had the money, I would buy that house and bring it back to life and make it a lovely warm home that it once was. Ty for being respectful going through her home.
Ashley Mendoza Castro : I had my family watch this vid and they were so interested in it. This one I got to say was one of my favorites. As we watched it my mom was saying she could not believe you went into the basement ALONE! lol She was scarred for you. Now that I had introduced them to your vids my Mom said that she will be looking forward to seeing more. <3
Cheska Lane : The cat made me almost cry